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Monthly Status Reports (MSRs)


Nine30 Consulting was enlisted as a subcontractor to offer its expertise in financial and project management to a specific branch within the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD). An instrumental accomplishment involved restructuring and evolving process operations to establish consistency and coherence in its Monthly Status Reports (MSRs). These crucial reports are circulated among 30–40 Department of Defense (DoD) stakeholders to provide status on the branch's product suite. However, the prior approach consumed a significant portion of the financial team's monthly efforts. This often resulted in latent reports and untimely decision making.


The challenge was to harmonize and stabilize the Monthly Status Reports (MSRs) process within the organization. The objective was to minimize the workload and time consumed by these reports while ensuring uniformity and accuracy across the DoD clientele.


Nine30 Consulting embarked on a comprehensive collaboration with the branch in NAWCAD, meticulously devising a strategic solution. The team's approach centered around the creation and reformatting of templates, standardizing the previously complex procedures. This transformation streamlined the entire MSR process, compressing it into a span of days. The guidance and improvements introduced by Nine30 Consulting infused adaptability and heightened productivity throughout the organization.

MSRs were designed with the following key features

Standardized Procedures: Through template creation and reformatting, Nine30 Consulting standardized and simplified the MSR process, eradicating inefficiencies and complexities.

Enhanced Productivity: The restructured MSR process enabled the organization to execute the reports comprehensively within a significantly reduced timeframe, optimizing efficiency.

Flexibility Boost: The guidance from Nine30 Consulting fostered organizational flexibility, allowing the financial team to divert time and resources towards more in-depth analyses.


The outcome of Nine30 Consulting's intervention was a monumental shift in the MSR landscape. What once absorbed a substantial monthly effort was now transformed into a streamlined, consistent, and swift procedure. The restructured process not only liberated time for the financial team but also elevated the overall quality of analyses conducted, culminating in enhanced promptness and efficacy across all stakeholders.


The case of Monthly Status Reports (MSRs) at NAWCAD exemplifies the transformative impact that strategic intervention and template-based restructuring can have on operational efficiency. Through the partnership with Nine30 Consulting, the organization attained the dual benefits of temporal relief and elevated productivity, showcasing the power of tailored solutions in achieving operational excellence.